Owner Testimonials

We Aim to Build Great Returns & Relationships - We Love to Have Satisfied Owner-Clients!

Our Owners' success is our success! We would be nowhere without the wonderful Owner-Clients that choose to work with us, to trust their Maui properties to us, and to rely on us to ensure the success of their Maui vacation rentals, as businesses.

We are proud and honored that the relationships we have with our Owner-Clients are built on mutual respect for each other and shared goals for each Maui Vacation Rental property. 

"Emily Koenig has surpassed our expectations as our property manager for our two-bedroom condo in Kihei. We were new to Maui and were unsatisfied with the many corporate alternatives. They had hidden costs, and made a lot of promises, but in the end I understood that they were not structured to give personal attention whenever our renters or we, their clients, needed them.


In contrast, Emily excels at providing personal attention to the many things that occur, usually after business hours. She consults us immediately and together we work out a plan to solve the problem. I have never been disappointed. We had some scheduling challenges this year, and Emily handled them efficiently and with grace. Because of her superb communication skills, we get great reviews from our renters.


When we first purchased the condo, we had many needed updates, and I knew we had made the right choice as the changes evolved.  She was available to consult on the smallest purchase. Emily's experience and design ideas were crucial for me. She knows what works, has great taste, and was willing to find just the right piece when I was stymied. She advised us as to what we needed at the start and what we could put off or wouldn't be particularly beneficial.


We have had other property managers on the mainland and none have come close to Emily's quality of service. You should definitely consider working with her." - Barbara H.S., OWNER

"Emily Koenig has been managing my Wailea condo for over two years. She
 replaced a large, corporate property manager and I can tell you about Emily 
as a contrast to my earlier experience. Emily’s management includes maintaining
 the rental website and responding to inquiries, making reservations, and contacting and informing the renters about using the property. Emily is also responsible for assessing the property and the need for repairs and replacements and contacting repairman.


When I am there, I try to help with any repairs and replacements but Emily is responsible and proactive in taking care of the property. Emily will let you know when there’s a problem that needs solving.


Emily is responsive and sensible and diligent and on-the-job. Emily takes care of things and she does it so pleasantly. It’s a joy to work with Emily. Emily has a degree in Communications and her education and training are so evident in her understanding, her language and
her diplomacy. People like and respond to Emily who has a wonderful way of interacting with everyone.


In the past, I dealt with a manager who charged more and did less. If a renter had an issue or a complaint, my prior manager would not respond in a helpful way but more aligned to escaping their responsibility and not being at fault. Not the way to have return renters! I was not kept informed. There was usually a delay before any response to an issue. Emily does none of these things.


Emily solves all the management problems for me. I am so grateful for her help and you would be, too! People who are asked to write about people with whom they work usually say pleasant things. The difference for me is that I am overwhelmingly grateful for her help and hope she will continue to manage my property as long as I own it. Once you’ve worked with Emily, you never want to work with anyone else again. Emily is absolutely the best possible manager and I know I’m so fortunate to have her help." - Sarah I., OWNER

"Emily Koenig and VIP Group have managed my property since I purchased it in mid-2017.


As a new owner of a short-term rental property on Maui, I was diligent in my research of property management options. While some options provided “soup to nuts” solutions, I found some provisions to be unnecessary and the associated cost to be almost prohibitive.


I was thrilled when I was introduced to Emily and VIP and learned about their strong track record and the personal touch afforded by their modest portfolio size.  Emily was outstanding in helping me navigate the important considerations as I prepared my unit for listing and has been diligent in her management of the property since.


Emily is extremely conscious about delivering an outstanding product to our customers while being fiscally responsible. She is very easy to reach and is thoughtful in her communication. Emily always goes the extra mile to make guests feel welcome and special – and to make me feel at ease and know my investment is in great hands.


I hope you will strongly consider Emily for your property management needs." - Andy S., OWNER

"Emily Koenig has managed our vacation home on Maui since we first purchased the property in 2015. In the 4 years of working with her, she has consistently conducted herself in a professional manner and made sure we as clients felt our needs were thoroughly addressed. I strongly recommend using her services as an on-island manager of your vacation rental property.


When we were getting started, she patiently walked us through the process of setting up the business, getting it loaded onto the appropriate booking channels, acquiring a Tax ID with the state of Hawaii, and making needed modifications to get the property rental ready. At the end of the first year she walked us through paying the taxes for the year. In each subsequent year, our property has increased the amount of bookings made, while increasing the nightly price, as well.


Emily has shown a keen business acumen in knowing when to run discounted rates, to fill the holes in the schedule during slow months, as well as how much we can increase the rate during the high season and holiday season. She has shown an excellent personal touch with each of our guests as is evident in the long list of positive reviews viewable on our VRBO site. She has tended to our needs as owners with the same warmth and always makes time to catch up with us when we are on island.


We feel incredibly fortunate to have found Emily to run our condo and feel confident and recommending her to run your business as well." -Phil H. & Yuko M.H., OWNERS









Our success as a vacation rental management company relies on a few major things: 

  • Beautiful Properties
  • Consistent Bookings & Happy Guests
  • Ongoing, Genuine Care for Our Properties
  • Strong Relationships with Owners & Guests
  • Proven Returns